Postural Correction

Having good posture should be a goal for all, it allows you to feel more energetic, prevents injury and reduces muscle pain. Acquiring good posture not only involves learning new positions and movements, but also means changing lifelong habits and learning new ones. Poor posture is a largely overlooked and disregarded problem, because of the strain it puts on your muscles and ligaments it can lead to chronic migraines and muscle pain, poor breathing and in some studies has been proven to worsen some mental health diseases such as stress, depression and anxiety.

The first step to combating poor posture and achieving postural correction is having your posture type assessed. Perfect posture typically includes a normal joint range of motion, normal muscle length, good muscle strength, excellent muscle endurance, normal nerve extensibility, and good spacial awareness. Having good posture also includes creating a mindset that will remind you to correct your body in situations your posture may be deteriorating.

Postural correction techniques for those who have posture the lessons their quality of life can often be addressed with deep tissue muscle massage and postural exercises that seek to build up your muscle strength and endurance.

Postural correction is often a case by case remedial therapy plan, to learn more contact Jason today at Suncoast Myotherapy.