Manual Deep Tissue Therapy & Mobilisation

As the name suggests, manual deep tissue mobilisation is a physical therapy technique that is used to release tightness in muscles, fascia, ligaments and other soft tissue.

Manual deep tissue mobilisation is essentially soft tissue mobilisation applied with more force or at a greater depth in order to release the parts of your body that are severely restricted. Manual deep tissue mobilisation can often be slightly painful. However, it is important to note that this is temporary and will ultimately help your body to achieve dramatic results.

Manual deep tissue mobilisation can also relieve tightness in joint, muscles and fascia. Restrictions or tightness in soft tissue and joints can impair normal movement and in some cases will cause muscle pain during movement. Excessive tightness in muscles and the body can also restrict the flow of blood and disrupt nerve signals in the area. Manual deep tissue mobilisation is regularly used to restore joint function after an injury.

For any further questions regarding manual deep tissue therapy & Mobilisation please do not hesitate to contact Jason at Suncoast Myotherapy.