Functional Fascial Taping

Functional fascial taping is a specialised method of therapy used to relieve pain and often quite instantly. Functional fascial taping seeks to increase the range of movement ultimately to facilitate the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pathologies at an accelerated rate. Functional fascial taping is a technique that can be applied to most parts of the body.

Functional fascial taping is a very structured therapy in which there is a clear objective this is functionally assessed and in turn functionally applied, encouraging normal pain-free movement patterns. Functional fascial taping is versatile in that it can be used at any stage for any musculoskeletal condition whether it be an acute or a chronic condition. Fortunately, functional fascial taping is also a cost effective a non-invasive technique.

For any further questions regarding functional fascia taping, please do not hesitate to contact Jason at Suncoast Myotherapy.